Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Better link

Joe, Hoarderson, told me that going through this link to order the book will give 70 cents/book to COH, Inc:


I say YAY!!

Here's the link, if that's easier


Book available starting today

Hi all,
I'm excited to let everyone know that my book, "Nice Children Stolen from Car," is available today. You can find it on Amazon.com, simply type "Nice Children Stolen from Car" into th search box.
So many of you have supported me through my blog by the same name; it is good to finally have the project finished!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gone So Long...

I know... I've been missing in action for a long time. I can't believe almost seven months have gone by without a single new post.

I have lots of excuses, of course. Work is busy, my hours are long. Our youngest son (the last of 6!!) is graduating from high school, heading off to college, and there's all that prep. We're moving, and the house that we ended up buying was a very difficult deal that took weeks and weeks to work out. Now we're trying to sell our own home, so we don't carry two mortgages for too long.

The thing that kept me busiest, however, was Nice Children Stolen from Car, the book.

 I'm happy to say that it should be available through Amazon.com by the end of this week. Look for it by the title, Nice Children Stolen from Car, or search the site by plugging in the words "hoarding," "hoarders," "child abuse," "nice children."

If you liked the stories you've read here, you'll love the book!

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