Thursday, March 31, 2011



  1. Wow Barbara, I just spent that last hour reading your blog. You are an amazing writer with incredible stories. Has your book been published yet? It really needs to be. I want to read it now! I feel for your childhood, and wish you didn't have to suffer so much because of your parents. I also wonder what has happend to them. From the comments, it looks like your mother has passed. Is your father in a home? Does he still live in the old house as a hoarder? I want to read the sequel to Nice Children Stolen From Car asap, too. Do you have a facebook or another place where you write? I am so sad that I have read your entire blog, and there is no more to read.
    Best wishes in life,
    Susan Chelf

  2. Thank you, Sue, for your kind remarks. My book hasn't been published yet; I still have about 4 more vignettes to write. I have had a few agents who have wanted to look at it. Once I am done with the vignettes, I will spend more time marketing it. My sequel is called "Leaving Loserville" and is the story of my life after the hoard. To answer your questions, my mother has passed (last December) and my father is still alive, and still living in his hoard, but not the same one in which I lived as a child. I have a facebook account, but don't write there.
    I'll try to post some more vignettes soon. There certainly is no lack of material!! If you don't mind me emailing you privately, I'll keep you posted on the book's publication progress. How did you find my blog? Are you also the child of a hoarder?

  3. Barbara, thank you for putting these vignettes up. With two shows (more now actually, I think) about hoarding, viewers tune in to gawk at the houses and the people that create their "collections," without really understanding what it's -like- to live that way, especially the emotional implications for children growing up in that situation.

    I have heard hoarding described as an anxiety issue, or OCD, which I'm sure is true in some cases. And then there are stories like yours, which seem to concern an actual personality disorder (your father's), such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Caveat: I am not a psychologist, but I did grow up with a narcissist in the house.

    I've added you to my feed, and I wish you all the best in getting your book published. Your story is heartbreaking, but people MUST KNOW what goes on behind the closed doors.

  4. Was there a follow up visit? Did DCF intervene? I assume from what I've read they didn't.


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